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In the old days, you used to have to have to have an “in” with your local butcher to get deals on the best cuts of beef or the tastiest pork ribs, or you had to go to a seafood purveyor to get the best prices on hard-shell crabs and lobsters, but thanks to GILT City these foods are available at your fingertips and at discount prices that will make your mouth water.

GILT City is a collection of deals for services, events and experiences available in cities across the country. GILT negotiates exclusive offers that their members can access each week. The deals are usually for a limited time, and inventory is limited, so savvy GILT users check the website and the weekly GILT email newsletter for the latest deals to get the best selection as soon as the sales go live.


While many of the services are specific to a city…

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As someone who has suffered from back and neck pain for many years, mostly as a result of a car accident and also years of abuse to my body from competitive gymnastics and hard-core physical training, I have sought out remedies for relief in every direction. I have just learned about Oska, which is getting incredible results with people with all types of pain management issues.

The device resembles on oversized hi-tech computer mouse with a glowing neon light.  It is turned on with a push of a button for a 30-minute cycle, and it can be placed on the body with an ACE-bandage style belt that comes with it, or it can be placed under a pillow or close by the body.

Oska employs Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), a technique that uses direct magnetic fields to reduce inflammation in the body and increase blood circulation to reduce…

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I could give you a long list of Virginia farms that host fall festivals and pumpkin patches, but instead I will save time by simply listing the best one, Cox Farms.

The Centreville, Virginia, farm has hosted one of the area’s biggest and arguably the best fall festivals which has become a local tradition for generations of local families. While the physical farm has moved from its original spot near Herndon, Virginia, where it started with 40 acres in 1972, the current location of 116 acres on Braddock Road., purchased in 1979, is the current home to the famed fall festival, which runs from the end of September until after Halloween.


For older kids and teens, the Fields of Fear is the main attraction, a nighttime haunt event coined Corn Nightmare, in which over 20 acres of corn fields feature frightening displays and costumed characters jumping out at visitors, and there’s…

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As a parent who has not been outdoor camping since I was a Girl Scout decades ago, the experience was all-new to me when I enlisted to accompany 10 boys on a Cub Scout overnight in the Shenandoah National Park this fall. My crash course in roughing it in the woods taught me these hacks that might help other camping rookies on their adventures.

2283712356_a981b8cb61_zArrive early

Reserve well in advance for those campsites that allow you to book online or by phone; but for those that operate on a first-come-first-booked basis, arrive early. Those in the know camp out at the gates hours before opening to get the best spots.  If you are with a large number of people, there are often a limited number of group sites, and these are usually most in demand, so get there extra early if your posse wants to pitch tents close together.


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Site offers hundreds of lessons and tutorials and resources for music makers of all ages

HARMAN to donate $5 to global music education for every photo shared of fans using Jam Zone


Since music classes have been cut from the curriculum of many schools, this is a welcome resource for kids who want to learn more about music and become musicians themselves.

Little Kids Rock, the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of popular music instruction, is offering video lessons, song charts, practice guides and other resources online for free to inspire fans of all ages to make music. Together with its partner, HARMAN International Industries, IncorporatedLittle Kids Rock is launching Jam Zone powered by HARMAN, an online destination devoted to making learning how to play music fun and easy.

Research shows that making music positively impacts learning development and brain function and more so than simply listening…

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Fishing with my father as a child is something I will always remember. He would take my mom, me and my brother out on his Formula cabin cruiser boat, where he was captain of the world, and we would anchor in the Rappahannock River; or when the water was calm he would take us all the way out to the Chesapeake Bay, and we would sit with our lines in the water waiting for a nibble.


My dad taught us how to rest the line on our fingers next to the reel so that we could feel a tug when there was a fish. He showed us how to jerk the line back to set the hook, and he showed us how to wind in the reel and keep the line taut so we didn’t lose our catch. When I was too squeamish to bait my hook or take off the slimy fish, Dad would do it for me. Our days on the boat fishing with dad comprise some of my favorite memories from childhood into my adult years, so this is a tradition I wanted to pass on to my son.

In 2007, when I told my parents I would be having a baby, my father, then 73 years old, had tears in his eyes. He said he never thought he would be a grandfather, and he was overjoyed. Once he dried his eyes and began to look ahead to the idea of having a grandson, he began anticipating all the good times we would have, and teaching his grandson to fish. “I hope I make it to see that boy turn 10,” he said.

Dad had been a hard-working man all of his life, but his strong-but-tired body — that he kept in shape working out three times a week at the gym into his 80s — was starting to fail him. He had to quit tennis and golf when he snapped a bicep muscle, and his gait had gotten slower and more unsteady with the years. But his biggest fear was Alzheimer’s, the disease that had taken his mother and his sister.

Unfortunately, in the following years, his worst fears were realized, and my dad slipped into Alzheimer’s, which worsened quickly, leaving him unable to take out his boat. Even though he surely missed being out on his boat, steering into open water, he still enjoyed fishing at a local lake with his grandson. As my father’s dexterity and mental capacities deteriorated, it was my turn to bait his hook.


Sadly, in October 2014, my dad died, two months after my son’s seventh birthday.

It will be two years ago this month that my father passed away. My son has just turned nine years old, and already he’s taking after his grandfather with his love of boating and fishing.

My mother has kept our family’s cottage on the Rappahannock River, and it has become my son’s favorite place on Earth. It is the place where my father, known to my son as Papa Jack, kept his boat, named happy Jack, and the launching place for our many fishing trips over the past several decades.


The boathouse and pier still stand strong after many years, like the memory of my father and our fishing adventures. Now, the pier has become a fun place to play, where my son loves to leap from a running start into Broad Creek, which runs in front of the cottage.


Last year, our family took my father’s ashes to Deltaville, where we celebrated his memory and we sifted his ashes into the waters where he loved to boat and fish, from the end of the dock of his boat house, that he built with his own hands.

Now two years after his passing, the boat house sits empty. Dad’s last boat, a Slickcraft cabin cruiser, is enjoying new life with another family that took it out to explore new waters in Maryland.

Meanwhile, after 17 years of living in Los Angeles, 2,600 miles away from my birth state of Virginia, I have moved home with my son. We are now able to travel as often as we wish to the cottage in Deltaville, where we can continue in the tradition of my father by sharing fishing and boating together as a family.

While it may be a while before I can afford a ship like my father’s, my son and I have started small, with our first boat, an inflatable Airhead Angler Bay, a six-person craft perfect for our fishing excursions in the creek. Outfitted with his luckiest rod and reel, my son dropped his line on our maiden voyage and declared, “I love being on this boat.”


I provided the engine power with two oars, and we spent our first afternoon out on the boat taking in the sunshine while my son asked me to tell him more fish stories about my past fishing expeditions with my dad. As the day winded down, and I paddled toward shore, just like my father, my son did not want to go in yet. Like my father, he could fish all day, and into the night if I let him. I told him, don’t worry, this is just the beginning. This is the continuation of an old family tradition for us. There will be many more days like this.


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Trackers like these can be used for many purposes, and users are finding more ways to use them every day. If a tracker is hidden on an item like a laptop or bike bike, it could operate like a LoJack to help you locate it if it’s stolen, though of course one should not attempt to make contact with a thief to retrieve property without proper caution. Some users have placed the trackers in their luggage to find it on the carousel at bag claim, to avoid the shoulder to shoulder bustle at bag claim, and others have used it for peace of mind to make sure their luggage made it a board their flight when changing planes. Even in airplane mode, the trackers can work to indicate that luggage is on board below the plane floor.

If you’ve ever circled a parking structure searching for your lost car, ZUS…

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