Judge Marilyn Milian’s self-proclaimed favorite case ever.  I feel sorry for the women, as clearly they very much want to get pregnant and have children.  The judge shows compassion about this and encourages them not to give up due to this experience.  I agree with the judge that their contract did not stipulate how many donations the donor needed to make, and that if they had an oral agreement they should have backed it up as an amendment to their contract.  In any case, they were not educated about how and when to inseminate, as the donor in fact needed rest between donations to build up his sperm count, and they only needed to inseminate in the small window of ovulation, not for 12 days straight.

Live and learn.  Hopefully they will try again and realize their wishes of having a family.

The People’s Court – Shopping for sperm donor on craigslist! pt. 2