One of my dearest friends went vegan a couple of years ago, and she lost 60 pounds and at the same time her terminal cancer went into remission.  After this life-changing experience, she became an evangelist for veganism.  She is convinced that dairy causes leukemia (she cites that not a single breast-fed child who has not imbibed cow’s milk has ever had the disease), and she shuns all foods that “had eyes.”  I believe for sure that a vegan diet has worked for her, though I have not studied the case for veganism like she has so I cannot at this time declare as she does with complete confidence that animal products are responsible for cancer. 

That said, I certainly can appreciate the argument for veganism, but I confess it seems like a lot of work to me, and the food is not all that tasty.  I did read the book my vegan friend gave to me, Skinny Bitch, written by two vegans who offer a tough-love approach to getting women to change their lifestyle and diet for better health and more attractive figures.  The book gives a list of foods and even brand names to make it easier to find vegan-approved foods, but it still takes a lot more effort to shop for those foods, and still, most of the food is about as appetizing as cardboard.

My vegan friend tried to prove to me how wrong I was about the deliciousness of vegan food, so she brought me some vegan cookies she and her girlfriend made.  As my partner and I sampled the treats, we  looked at each other and tried our best to conceal our disgust and chew and swallow what we both agree later was the worst thing we had ever put in our mouths.

So, when I was recently offered a new vegan snack food, Zenergy Powerballs, I was to say the least skeptical.  The little round food balls, which resemble brown Mexican wedding cakes, are not only raw, vegan and organic, they feature Chinese Adaptogenic herbs.  As I ate the first one, I prepared myself for a tasteless grainy lump of stuff.  To my wild surprize, the Zenergy snack was actually yummy.  I chewed hesitantly at first, then enthusiastically, and I then I reached for another.  The pack I had contained Gogi berry, almond and coconut flavors, and I sample one of each.  I offered them to my three-year-old son, and I expected him to do the thing he does when I give him something unusual or yucky to eat — unceremoniously spit it out, but instead he ate the whole snack and asked for another!

I read the package for more info.  I learned that the snacks were loaded with South American superfoods for nutrition and Chinese herbs for stamina, with ingredients designed to “sustain, repair and center.”  They also promise no sugar highs or lows.

Other flavors are designed to sustain happiness, build strength and sexual potency, enhance fertility, balance blood sugar and have a variety of other healthy effects.

Okay, so I am still not a total vegan convert, but I will say these snacks are great, and if they do help me achieve a clear mind with each bite as the marketing suggests, then that certainly won’t hurt me.

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