I always appreciate a good social media campaign, especially one that helps needy kids, so I am proud to participate in the Kellogg’s and Action for Healthy Kids event.

I know that when my son Stephen eats his breakfast that he is in a better mood and behaves better since he’s not hungry and cranky.  I am blessed to be able to not worry about Stephen having a good breakfast every morning, but there are kids in need out there  — in fact one in four kids in America struggles with hunger — who do not get this basic meal everyday, and those kids are the ones this campaign is designed to help.

Kellogg’s has partnered with Action For Healthy Kids (http://www.actionforhealthykids.org/campaigns/breakfast) to help fight childhood hunger as many children go to school on an empty stomach each day.  

It’s easy to participate in this effort.  A few minutes of your time equals a breakfast meal for child in need.  Something as simple as breakfast can make a difference and can help families make the most of each day’s possibilities.

Through July, Kellogg’s is asking people to take pictures and “share their breakfast” on their website (www.shareyourbreakfast.com). One photo upload to www.shareyourbreakfast.com or the word SHARE texted with a photo or a description of your breakfast to 21534 equals one shared breakfast.

Kellogg’s goal is to share 1 million breakfasts in the 2011-2012 school year. 

Here’s my breakfast pic, which some readers might remember from my post about a particularly mememorble breakfast meal.

So, share your breakfast with Kellogg’s, and they’ll share breakfast with a child who needs it.

Thanks for taking the time to do this.