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Mom Makeover from Mom.me

Posted on: May 17, 2013


I was just looking for a free highlight job when I saw on one of my mommy boards that a national mom blog was seeking a makeover subject.  I put my name in the hat, and soon I was a finalist, and then the chosen one for a Mom.me Mommy Makeover.

The makeover team, from stylist to coordinator, were top-notch professionals.  The prep for the makeover and photo shoot was intensive, as was the actual makeover process.  I felt like I was back in my film product days – early call time, no breaks for lunch, hustle and hurry from hair to make-up  to wardrobe.

After all was said and done to me, the end result was … not what I expected, but a great experience and worthwhile, especially to have met and worked with the team.  I learned a few fashion lessons – to not fear my curves, go bolder, accessorize, and some grooming tips – shape my brows, let my hair be messy, and in general, dress the part and you will feel it.


I’ve maintained some of the look I was given.  I’ve worn the clothes (yes, they let me keep them!), and I got some The Joey Healy Elite Sculpting Tweezers to maintain my brows, and I am accessorizing more.  I did however wash out the color from my hair.  I’ve been a blond all my life, and the dark hair just didn’t feel like me.  I’m also letting it grow out, as I like my hair longer.  But it was worth a try at least once in my life to be brunette, or auburn as it were.


The story on the site was a bit embarrassing.  I think I oversold my “poor me” story, as I sound like a sad sack.  I do have my ups and downs as I search for a new job, but my outlook is not so grim as it sounds in the article.  I really did want the highlights.  Little did I know they would be auburn!

Thanks again to Mom.me for the makeover.  They have an awesome site.


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