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Spread the Love this Valentine’s Day


by K. Pearson Brown | From SheWired – Article Date: 02/03/2011 4:47 PM

Don’t want to get a box of candy that neither of you needs to eat, tired of boring flowers and too tired or broke to go out for a fancy dinner? Stay home, and show your girl how much you love her by treating her to a night of pampering this Valentine’s Day.  

Start with a luxurious bath with Kama Sutra Treasure of the Sea Bath Salts. These wonder crystals contain nature’s precious gifts of minerals and plant life from the sea fortified with pure natural oils to relax the body and mind and give her skin a velvety soft feeling, available for $29.00.

You haven’t experienced true intimacy until you shave your beloved. But don’t risk a nasty nick; do it right with Coochy Shave Crème. This emollient and hypoallergenic shave cream is made for smooth shaving of the most sensitive areas and is so gentle it can be used as a hair conditioner, available for $15.25.

Guarantee a happy ending to your evening by indulging her like the deity she is with the Heavenly Goddess Skinny Dip Scented Gift Set. Cover her with the Heavenly Goddess Body Mist that not only smells incredible but makes her skin feel silky smooth. Then warm her skin with the sensual Heavenly Goddess Massage Oil, made with rejuvenating hemp and grape seed oils. Lastly, lather her skin with loving tender care with moisturizing Heavenly Goddess Hand and Body Lotion and then admire her by the light of the Heavenly Goddess Soy Candle, which not only burns for 60 hours but melts into a warm-wax moisturizer for a sensuous massage. Packaged together with the heavenly Goddess Bath Gel, experience the entire set for $58.

If all of the above hasn’t put her in the mood for love, rinse, lather and repeat.


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